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The Advantages of Independence

One-third of today’s break-away advisors choose independence. When you look at the numbers, this choice makes a lot of sense. Independent advisors continue to lead the industry in asset growth, number of new advisors, and earnings potential 1. Independence also offers advantages in allowing advisors to choose their own business model, offer objective and unbiased advice to their clients, and increase their profitability potential.

At Level Four®, we understand the hesitations and concerns that many break-away advisors have in moving out on their own. Level Four® represents a support system for advisors wanting to go independent, allowing them to own their own business while providing an array of services that provide support, guidance, and cost-savings. Your success is our success, and our goal is to make your business thrive. With our national network, extensive education and experience, and alliance with the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer, you can feel confident knowing that we will be there every step of the way to ensure your business is successful2.

Advantages for Independent Level Four® Advisors:

  • National network of advisors advocates knowledge sharing
  • Advanced resources and tools allow you to focus on your clients by increasing efficiency
  • Offer unbiased, objective advice and ensure you’re always acting in your clients’ best interests
  • With a range of services at your disposal, Level Four® lets you pick and choose which aspects of your business you want to handle yourself and which areas you would rather let us handle
  • “Piggyback” on our brand and market your business starting day one through our web and marketing resources, or allow us to help you develop your own brand and marketing strategy
  • Choose your own transparent fee structure for the services you offer your clients
  • Economies of scale allow for decreased start-up and fixed costs
  • Freedom to build equity in your practice

1 Source: Cerulli Associates, Inc., 2010. The numbers reflect a combination of investment performance, the movement of assets from channel to channel by advisors switching jobs, and client investments and withdrawals.

2 As reported in Financial Planning magazine 1996-2016, based on total revenues.