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Financial planning is more than investment strategy. At its core, the plan helps you identify risks you may not have considered as well as those you know about. Estate Planning, Health Care issues, property and people protection, tax sensitivity, as well as legal and investment risks must be considered. Every household has finite resources, so our job is to make sure every dollar spent maximizes opportunity. Financial planning is essential to deal with risk, investment strategy and protection for your financial household. In order to ensure your money is where it needs to be, you must know how your entire financial puzzle fits together.

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Whether we need to create a plan from scratch, help you monitor your existing plan or simply help you understand specific points about your current plan, you can count on our decades of professional expertise to provide objective answers.


It’s your future. It should be focused on you and your agenda. That’s why we don’t work on commission or focus on asset gathering, so you can be confident that your goals are our only priorities – not selling products. Our fee only engagements are mutually determined by you and your advisor and is tailored to you. You only pay for the planning services and expertise you request. 


Proactive service means more than just great service.  Our goal is to help you avoid unseen road hazards and dead ends on your journey. We create customized planning roadmaps to show you what you’ve accomplished, where you were, and where you are headed next.  You deserve clarity so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

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Concerns about your financial responsibilities and personal life are often intertwined. By helping you plan for life events that have an impact on your financial picture, we are dedicated to supporting you in making solid decisions by providing clarity on complex issues. We can help you with questions like: 

  • When can I retire and with what level of income?
  • How much will my children’s college cost and what are my funding options?
  • What are the best strategies to maximize what I leave behind?
  • Is my family protected should something happen to me?
  • How can I maximize the value of my business?

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