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Resources & Tools

At Level Four®, the greatest resource we provide is a consulting team with the goal of creating a “family office” type practice consisting of alliances between CPAs and Financial Advisors that add value and increased revenues to both practices.

In order to ensure that your practice operates as efficiently and profitably as possible, we also provide access to an array of tools and technology that help improve your practice in three key areas: operations, marketing, and client acquisition. We allow you to lean on the following tools as heavily or as lightly as you see fit for your practice: 

Operations / Concierge

Laserfiche Paperless Imaging Solutions

Streamline and organize your business processes using Laserfiche Paperless Imaging Solutions.

LaserApp Automatic Form Population Tool

This systematized form population tool saves you time and energy by automating many of the routine paperwork tasks that currently burden your business.

Access to Multiple Fee-Based Clearing Platforms

Access to Level Four Financial, and TD Ameritrade allow our advisors to offer comprehensive, unbiased advice to their clients.

Marketing / Business Development


With eMoney, your clients can have access to a personal, secure financial website that consolidates all of their accounts, assets and information in one central location. With both web and mobile versions, your clients will never be in the dark about their finances.

eMoney Advisor Marketing Videos

Targeted marketing videos customized with your brand provide an instant boost to your current marketing strategy.

Sales / Client Acquisition

Connect Dashboard

Once the Connect dashboard is completed, a CPA and financial advisor can strategically market to specific clients within the practice. The dashboard analyzes opportunities, segments clients, and details the future focus of the firm.

Level Four® Client Roadmap

This tool allows advisors to manage client expectations and track future engagements. The purpose of this road map is for the client to always know when you will communicate and always know the agenda for that communication ahead of time.

Level Four® Life Solutions

This insurance assessment tool reviews a client’s insurance portfolio and verifies that they are paying the right amount of premium for the appropriate amount of benefit. The outcome provides a higher level of comfort for the client in knowing they’re adequately covered while only paying what is necessary.

Salesforce Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

This online turnkey CRM tool aids in managing client relationships, sales opportunities, and client service.