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Building the Firm of the Future

To understand our firm’s vision, please take a moment to read the following letter from Jake Tomes, founding partner and CEO of Level Four:

Having been in the offices of hundreds of CPA's and hundreds of financial advisors, I can say there are millions and millions of dollars of untapped revenue that both of these firms are missing out on, and there are two big reasons: TRUST and GREED.

Let me first address the CPA. You've worked hard for years building your practice while offering quality service and great advice to your clients. You're proud of your practice, you’re proud of your client base, and you protect your reputation fiercely. The last thing you would ever stand for is to expose your clients to someone you didn't know or trust and risk them damaging your relationship with your clients or tarnishing your reputation.

But that's only half the problem. Over the past five years clients have gone out of business, been laid off, or just become much more timid and conservative. Your clients are cutting back, and things have become more competitive. So, in many cases, your revenue is flat or shrinking even though your overhead continues to rise.

Like all professionals, you know there are only so many hours you can work in a given week. As a result, your ability to grow your income is limited. But you also know that your clients have needs that you could be serving that would more than compensate for the shrinkage and marketing challenges you face. But, how do you do it without stepping into the unknown and taking a big risk?

Now I'd like to address the advisor. Like my professional CPA friends, you love your work, but you don't love marketing. Bringing in new business represents an obstacle that you will always face. You may or may not have realized that if you could partner together with an established, successful CPA that it would change your future and the success of your business. However, the ability to establish a business relationship somehow gets stalled or you face resistance from that CPA due to uncertainty.

Now I'd like to address both of you. Being an advisor myself, owning an accounting firm, and working with many CPA’s and financial advisors over the years has forced me to develop a system that eliminates all of those issues that get in the way of the greater success for both parties. Our mission at Level Four® is to help bridge the gap between CPA’s and advisors with the end result being greater revenue and value for both parties involved through a synergistic relationship.

Let me show you how we can bring added value and revenue to your practice. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you take your practice to the next level.


Jake Tomes
Chief Executive Officer