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Identifying the value of your business

| April 04, 2018

How much is your business worth today?
Do you know your “multiple”?

Country clubs, barbershops, and coffee shops are full of conversations from owners who have scaled back and what they received for their business. Many owners use this information to guide their expectations of what they’ll receive if they decide to exit.

A business can comprise more than 70% of an Owner’s net worth – shouldn’t you get to know what that value really is or could potentially be?

Find Your Range Of Value

Through working with with a third-party firm that provides business valuation services, you can be provided with a report that will provide a range of value for your business and where it currently sits within that range. Additionally, there will be measurable steps that can lead to exponential value growth.

Level Four Wealth Management and Level Four Advisory Services do not offer business valuation services.